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Daville Skate Shop is excited to announce the opening of new store in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, coming May of 2017!




Daville MB will offer quality, professional skateboarding equipment that reflects the true nature and integrity of the skateboard culture while also providing the best place for the skateboard community of Myrtle Beach, SC to be discovered and developed. 


Daville MB’s goals are to promote skateboarding, increase participation, enhance the quality of skateboarding events, educate our customers, and fill the retail demands for skateboarding in the Carolina region. We plan on accomplishing our goals by working closely with prominent skateboarders, coordinating with top-tier brands, assisting in the development of skate parks in the Myrtle Beach region, and relying upon our experienced industry associates. 


Daville MB will be a 100% core skateboarding shop and will aid regional skateboarders by providing quality products, service, direction and promotion for skateboarding in Myrtle Beach, SC and surrounding areas.  Daville MB’s main purpose is to serve the skateboarding culture in a positive way.  


Christian Yepez talks with Fayetteville 180 about some of the many things we do!

We love skateboarding, what else can we say? We are super excited about the opportunity to finally bring legitimate core skateboarding support to the already existing and strong Myrtle Beach skate scene and community. As coastal cities like Wilmington and Charleston spend millions of dollars to build world class, tourist attracting skateparks, Myrtle Beach is simply being left behind.  

The lack of leadership in the skateboarding community within Myrtle Beach has caused the city to miss out, not only financial revenue, but the opportunity for a positive community outlet for the youth and the locality as a whole. This leadership in most cities usually comes from the core skate shops.  While there are plenty of surf shops that carry skateboards in Myrtle Beach, no shop has made the impact with skateboarding that one would expect from a city the likes and size of Myrtle Beach, SC.


Terry Grimble speaks to the city of fayetteville's council to pursue and successfully approve the bond referendum for a city skatepark.

A little over three years ago, we were contacted from some of the skaters in the core MB skate scene asking if we could help them with some of their events. We were told that there was no clear leadership and/or the leadership was not able to get the support or know how needed to make their skateboarding events successful.  We wanted to help them but there wasn’t much we could do at the time.  The owner of Daville, Terry Grimble was just getting his non-profit, the Friends of the Skateparks Foundation (http://friendsoftheskateparks.org/) up and running but also, that was right around the time we decided to move our Fayetteville shop from its’ Bragg Blvd location to our current McPherson Church Road location.  Soon after that phone call, I was telling my business associate and friend, John Ingram about the situation and he expressed interest in moving to Myrtle Beach to work together on a shop that could represent MB skateboarding in a proper fashion.  John has family that lives in Myrtle Beach so he has spent most summers down there and also has a lot of lifelong friends in the area as well.   

So, two and half years ago we started writing down our goals to form a business plan.  We visited Myrtle Beach and did quite a bit of research and development as we co-opted our plan together.   It took two years until we felt that our plan was strong enough to succeed, so this past fall, we decided to make a full commitment to getting Daville MB open in 2017.   


We needed a location in the general areas we thought were best for us and ended up looking at 18 different locations available over the course of a few months. We narrowed it down to the top 2 spots, largely due to them being located with easy access for the locals.  Then we studied the traffic patterns on those two spots for the next six weeks until it became clear as day which spot was the right choice for us.  Here are some of the things that matter to our decision on this location.   A, It’s close to the public skatepark which is only one mile away.  B, it’s close to the high school and good neighborhoods.  C, there’s plenty of parking.  D, It has easy access for locals even in full season.  E, it has great neighbors such as Bilo, a boxing and MMA gym, Firehouse Subs, Eggs Up Grill, Capricco, McDonalds, Zaxby’s, Croissant’s Bakery and Bistro, etc.  


We took our time and we didn’t rush because as much as we love skateboarding, this is serious business undertaking with a lot risk involved.  There are no guarantees that we will be successful but that’s why we plan and project to best of our abilities every detail and possible pitfall so that we feel confident enough that we will be successful.  


We signed the lease April 13th and are currently remodeling the store. We project that we will be open mid-May 2017, give or take a week. We look forward to serving the entire Myrtle Beach community. If you are interested in getting sponsored by or working for Daville MB, please feel free to email us your video link and/or your resume to: Davilleskateshop@gmail.com.

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